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New transmitter for Q103

GCap Media's Cambridge radio station Q103 has a new transmitter for the town of Haverhill on 97.4 MHz FM. The frequency is in additional to the current relay on 97.4 in Newmarket. The extra Ofcom-approved transmitter will boost the TSA by 35,000.

James Keen, Q103 Programme Controller said: “We’re really pleased to be able to launch this additional frequency. “We have had difficulty reaching Haverhill within the whole of our transmission service area on 103 FM due to the hills surrounding the town. 97.4 will effectively fill in the gaps giving clear reception to listeners in West Suffolk and North Essex. It will be great to welcome many new listeners to Q103 and to improve the quality of our service to our existing ones.

Head of Sales at the station Sharon Rush said, “It’s also great news for our advertisers who will now get effective brand exposure to a wider audience”.

Q103 have also re-branded their on-air sound with a new jingle package from JonesTM, and a new logo will be appearing shortly.

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