Seven Community licence awards

The next phase of community radio licensing has seen groups in Stonehaven and the Mearns, St Boswells, Dunoon, Glasgow, Barrhead, Lisburn and Belfast all gain a new licence. Just one group did not make it this time around – Radio Asia in Glasgow.

The seven new stations, all to start broadcasting within the next two years, are:

[b]Mearns FM[/b] (Stonehaven and the Mearns, South Aberdeenshire)
Mearns FM will serve the people of the Mearns, which is a distinct cultural area of south Aberdeenshire. It will be a socially inclusive station and channel of communication for the region.

[b]Brick FM[/b] (Newtown St Boswells and St Boswells, Borders)
A community radio service for Newtown St Boswells and St Boswells with a particular focus on local sports information and the involvement of young people.

[b]Dunoon Community Radio [/b](Dunoon, Argyll)
Dunoon Community Radio will be managed, operated and maintained by people from the local community, some participating in the radio activities as individuals others from groups or associations, local schools etc. Their contribution, skills and local knowledge will help produce community programmes and encourage listener participation.

[b]Celtic Music AM[/b] (Glasgow)
Celtic Music AM will provide a strong cultural voice for contemporary and traditional Scottish music and song, and is aimed at Glasgow’s practising artists of singer-songwriting within the Celtic genre of music and speech as well as the wider community that engages with such content.

[b]Pulse FM[/b] (Barrhead, East Renfrewshire)
Pulse FM will be a youth-led, community-focussed project offering training and volunteering opportunities for local people. It will celebrate the cultural diversity of Barrhead and the surrounding areas of East Renfrewshire, and give a voice to people who are seldom heard in mainstream broadcasting.

[b]Lisburn City Radio[/b]
Lisburn City Radio will provide a service to the whole community of Lisburn. It will be hosted in the local college of further education and provide access to training and broadcasting in partnership with a range of community partners.

[b]Belfast Student Radio[/b]
Belfast Student Radio will be run by students and for students from Queens University, University of Ulster and Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education. It will aim to educate, inform, entertain and represent the entire student body of Belfast with student-produced output.

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