TechCon and Digital Radio

TechCon is just one of the many events taking place in Cambridge over the next few days. It is a full day of sessions for engineers, IT managers and anyone with an interest in the future of broadcast technology. We've been attending so far this morning, and learnt quite a bit.

What is the future of digital radio in the UK? Simon Mason, Vice Chairman of the worldDMB Technical Committee thinks the industry needs to get together and decide. He says DAB can be more powerful than it is today if we can free up more data. Theoretically we can still have a powerful DAB network without giving in to the world-wide standard DAB+.

Andy Butterworth looked at how the growth of wi-fi networks can help radio stations use this technology for outside broadcasts, live transmissions and sending finished packages back to base. Will ISDN, POTS and over the air transmitters not be needed in the future?

Also today, Nick Praiter, Director of RadioMonitor demonstrated how automatic recognition works to confirm if a particular piece of audio has been broadcast or not. By turning audio wave levels into data and binary numbers, computers can report if an advert made it to air without producers or sales team checking the logger. Very useful, and all made possible thanks to RadioMonitors 40+ sites around the UK listening to every station.

More soon from Cambridge.

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