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Thorpe Park Fun on Virgin

Virgin Radio is teaming up with Thorpe Park to encourage listeners to visit the park over the summer months. On-air and online activity will promote Thorpe Park’s Campaign for Real Fun and 30 Days of Summer Madness. The promotion will culminate in an outdoor broadcast and roadshow at Thorpe Park.

After the Breakfast Show outdoor broadcast DJs Robin Burke and Sarah Champion will remain at Thorpe Park as part of a Virgin Radio Roadshow, entertaining visitors throughout the day with an exclusive live session by The Hoosiers. Via the park’s tannoy system, visitors will be encouraged to listen to Virgin Radio on their journey home.

“We’re on a mission to combat Global Boring,” said Laura Friedman, Brand Manager at Thorpe Park. “Virgin Radio is the ideal place for us to reach fun loving people and urge them to join Thorpe Park’s campaign for real fun. The large national audience and Christian’s unique style of bringing promotions to life are really important to making this a success.”

“Branded content only works if a promotion is really embedded into a show’s editorial style,” said Kirsty Donoghue, Head of Promotions, Virgin Radio. “This promotion shows just how creative Virgin Radio is at combining brand messages with top radio content. This promotion will be a hit for Thorpe Park and our listeners alike and I reckon that the breakfast show will really enjoy this one too!”

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