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WRN offers daily Hebrew show

Polish Radio, the international voice for the Polish people has launched a daily, 30 minute Hebrew language radio show across Israel. The show will be available on 107.2FM in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the other coastal cities and 89.3 FM to the north of the country.

WRN, the UK-based international transmission service provider, has organised this relay on behalf of Polish Radio and will operate the content back-haul and distribution.

Michael Hermon, Polish Radio’s Head of the Hebrew Section says: “Kol Polin, the Hebrew Service, is a new development for Polish Radio. We are looking forward to our launch on FM in Israel which is the first terrestrial relay for our Hebrew Service anywhere in the world.

"Our daily 30 minute show will offer news from Poland six times a week, Saturday to Thursday and listeners will also hear Polish press reviews, business news, reports on cultural events, political analysis, news and reports from Jewish communities, interviews with people from Israel and Poland and also Polish/Jewish music. Be sure to join us!"

Gary Edgerton, WRN’s Managing Director adds, "We are delighted to assist one of our most important clients to achieve a key broadcasting objective and believe this relay will be a great success."

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