Caroline goes FM on Aug 14th

Radio Caroline is to re-broadcast on FM in Europe thanks to the services of Radio Tatras International. The special broadcast is to mark the 40th Anniversary of the passing of the Marine Offences Act in which all pirate radio stations closed down, with the exception of Caroline.

Eric Wiltsher, Director of RTI, said: “ Some will say it is strange that a pan-European station such as RTI has such an interest in a law passed by the then UK government of 1967.

However, that is best answered by sharing the following; in Slovak the conversation started ‘Ano, Ano, Radio Carolina – byt volným (Yes, Yes, Radio Caroline — to be free).

“Both Caroline and RTI are considered to be free spirited stations by listeners. Therefore, this act of solidarity between free spirited broadcasters is the only option for August 14 2007.
“I am very much looking forward to hearing these special programmes, for which I thank Peter Moore and the team of Radio Caroline for making them available to RTI, on FM whilst

parked on the top of the beautiful High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia — I may even drive across the border to Poland whilst listening.”

The relay of Radio Caroline via Radio Tatras International will commence at 7.00pmCET on 14 August and continue through to 7.00am the following morning.

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