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Ed Doolan was ‘close to death’

BBC WM presenter Ed Doolan has talked about how he thought he might die after having a heart pacemaker fitted on his 20th wedding anniversary. The Sony Award winning host said the last 48 hours was the first time in his life he's been really frightened.

"I thought I might not come out of this one," Ed told the Birmingham Mail from his hospital bed at the Priory in Edgbaston.

"I've sailed through other procedures, including my triple bypass and others which are technically more difficult. But this was the first time I've been really frightened, although there was no blind panic.

"Luckily I was at Heartlands Hospital on Tuesday for a regular examination of my lungs which I have every eight or ten weeks as a result of my childhood asthma. My pulse was 43 instead of around the usual 70 and, after I was given an ECG, they said I needed a pacemaker – and quick."

Ed has worked for BBC WM for 25 years, after an 8 year stint at BRMB. He said he hopes to be back at work by the end of next week.

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