Great results for newcomers

This quarters newcomers to RAJAR have got off to a great start. North Norfolk Radio made an impressive debut appearance with a 20 per cent weekly reach, 9.4 average hours and 7.6 per cent audience share. Meanwhile Yorkshire Coast showed an impressive 42 per cent weekly reach, and 19.9 per cent audience share.

Rother FM also make an excellent start with 19 per cent weekly reach and 8.8 per cent audience share. Average hours are 9.3. Tindle Radio's Town 102 started off at 12 per cent weekly reach but received a could-be-better 4.3 per cent share. Average hours are good at 8.2.

Digital station theJazz entered the ratings world with 334,000 listeners. The station launched eight months ago on Christmas Day and can now boast 7.0 average hours and a one per cent reach of the UK population.

Another digital station – Yorkshire Radio – recorded 31,000 weekly listeners, a reach of 1%. Average hours were only 4.9. The station, owned by Leeds United FC launched after buying space on the Yorkshire multiplex from GMG.

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