It’s all about the strapline

Big L presenter Mike Read has attacked GCap Media's new Gold network for stealing the strapline used by Big L. The Essex-based international broadcaster has used [i]It's all about the music[/i] for a year, but Gold launched across the UK last week with the same strapline.

Mike Read told the Daily Express: "When we first saw it a week or so ago, we wrote to the station saying 'You can't do this, this is absolute theft!' He has not had a reply so far. Big L is now considering legal action."

Mike went on to say: "Gold also boasts it plays a broader spread of music than any other UK station. Well, that's what we've been saying and doing for the past two years. Not only have they stolen our idea, they've stolen the main strapline as well. They nicked both the ideas from us. It's duplicitous, not a gentlemanly thing to do at all".

A Gold spokesman said no less than four other radio stations have used the strapline in the past, including BBC Radio Manchester and Nova Classic Rock. "We believe there's room for all of us, so we'll let the listeners decide".

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