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Magic introduces new sound

Emap's Magic 105.4 has introduced a new jingle package, created by Music4 in London. The new cuts, which started airing this week marks a return to jingles on the frequency after many years. Most recently the station has managed with just one sung jingle, played at the top of every hour.

Music 4 says Magic 105.4 plays some of the most beautifully produced music in the world and they ware challenged to produce a package that matched the quality of the songs the station plays.

"The new package features stunning string arrangements which were recorded along side the piano and drum parts in Studio 2 at Abbey Road. There are five new cuts plus news and travel themes." Music4 said.

All the cuts including alternative versions are now online at [link=http://www.music4.com/musicservices/catalogue/446/magic-1054/full-station-package.html]Music4.com[/link], with discussion about the new package taking place at our sister site, [link=http://jinglemad.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?46421]JingleMad.com[/link]

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