More interest in Emap Radio

A former managing director of Westsound is said to be interested in buying Emap's Scottish radio stations. But Sheena Borthwick and colleague Jack Irvine have not heard back from Emap despite several phone calls expressing an interest.

A report in the Sunday Herald this weekend says the pair have raised £20 million to help towards the price tag which some say could be up to £150 million.

Irvine, a former newspaper executive and chairman of PR company Media House told the newspaper: "We have had talks with various investment vehicles and we are keeping our options open. However, I do believe it is important that Scottish radio listeners have a comprehensive news and entertainment package that is focused on Scotland and is not dictated by English accountants 500 miles away with no interest in our culture and aspirations. Local radio should mean exactly that – local content and local management."

It has already been said that Richard Findlay and his son Adam would like to buy Emap's Scottish stations, after a failed take-over attempt earlier this year.

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