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Music Makes Money at Virgin

Virgin Radio is launching a new competition giving listeners a chance to win £100,000. Pre-promotion for Music Makes Money launched today during the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show with full launch on September 3rd. Willing participants need to pre-register at the Virgin Radio website for a chance to make it to air.

“Virgin Radio is renowned for great, engaging station promotions, but “Music Makes Money” is set to produce some enthralling ‘edge of your seat’ radio ,” said Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of Virgin Radio. “We can’t wait to see how well our listeners really know their music! This promotion will deliver real listener engagement and provide another opportunity for us to grow reach and hours on the back of our best Rajar figures for three years.”

Listeners will play each hour from 7am till midday. If they answer a question correctly, they win £200 and re-appear in the next hour if three questions are answered correctly. It is only when £1000 is reached can listeners bank their winnings and continue to play for £100,000.

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