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Passion joins with Wellbeing

Digital radio station Passion for the Planet has signed up the Wellbeing Network for a year-long on-air and online advertising campaign. The station will promote the Wellbeing Network web site and benefits of membership, starting bank holiday Monday.

Along side the commercials, a mini site on the radio station website will help raise awareness of Wellbeing, and provide a click-through to the Wellbeing website.

“Passion for the Planet is the only radio station that delivers a targeted audience of people interested in their wellbeing. We are looking to reach people who are motivated to improve their lives and willing to take action to do so. Passion delivers that audience.” said Neil Davidson co-founder of the Wellbeing Network.

“The Wellbeing Network is exactly the sort of company where Passion can add real value. Many of Passion’s listeners run health related businesses and they visit our site regularly. So by developing a campaign that works both on air and online we can drive more personal and professional members to the Wellbeing Network’s site.” said Passion for the Planet’s Managing Director, Chantal Cooke.

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