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RAJAR’s new diary improvements

From quarter 2, 2007, RAJAR is changing the way data is published for the first time since 1999. Comparing new data with old will be possible, but only if you take into account changes to the potential audience of all local and regional broadcasters. As a result, some stations may artificially lose or gain listeners.

RAJAR tells us significant improvements have been made for Q2 results. The radio diary method remains the same with one notable exception – 4 new columns have been added to every page to allow respondents to record whether they listened via analogue or digital. This is the first time listeners have been able to tell RAJAR if they listened on AM/FM, DAB Digital Radio, Digital TV (Sky/Freeview/Cable) or via the Internet.

All local and regional stations have redrawn their Total Survey Areas (TSAs) based upon Postcode Districts. Under the previous system, stations based their survey areas on Postcode Sectors. Both of these improvements should lead increased sample reliability and, in turn, more robust data, says RAJAR.

Radio stations will have the option whether or not to include listening data from other platforms in their publicity.

And for the first time, out-of-area listening will be recorded and delivered to stations. However, the survey is not designed to be a definitive measurement and is intended for internal purposes only and cannot be traded upon.

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