Revenue up at Commercial Radio

Commercial Radio is celebrating an increase in revenue from the past 12 months. Income has grown 3.4 per cent since this time last year, with local revenue now over 40 million and S&P slightly down at 24 million.

The results have been announced by RadioCentre this morning and also suggest the entry of Global Radio and Channel 4 into the market is expected to further build momentum for the Commercial Radio industry.

Simon Redican, managing director of the RAB said: “The results are extremely encouraging. We have already stated our optimism publicly but it is always good to get confirmation. Radio is the multiplier of the digital age and advertisers are recognising the important role it is playing as part of the media mix”.

The RAB have also announced that in the coming months they will be rolling out the Advertising Effectiveness Tracker designed to demonstrate to advertisers the value of their investment in the radio medium. Redican added that “This will provide major advertisers with confidence in the medium’s ability to build value for their brands”.

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