A real tenner from Daryl

Real Radio's breakfast team in Yorkshire have been busy sending cheques for £10 to random celebrities every day since the new show launched in May, and was pleased to hear that money sent to former World’s Strongest Man Geoff Capes will go towards buying a new budgie.

Geoff, who stands 6ft 7ins tall and held the Commonwealth shot put record for 23 years, has been a keen budgerigar breeder for 35 years and keeps several hundred feathered friends in his garden. For his 58th birthday on August 23rd he received a mysterious card simply signed with a squiggle and a message saying “I didn’t know what to get you, so get something for yourself,” along with a cheque for ₤10.

Once he’d cashed the cheque, he got a call from Daryl Denham, presenter of the Real Radio breakfast show, who revealed his mystery benefactor and Geoff told him on-air that he’ll be using the money to help buy his next budgie which can sell for several hundred pounds.

Geoff said: “I didn’t know who on earth had sent the card, I just thought someone had taken pity on me and sent me a bit of cash. I thought it was pretty funny so I’ve decided to put the tenner towards the next budgie I buy at auction.

Daryl Denham added: “Geoff was a great sport and fantastic on-air. He’s clearly got a real passion for budgies so we’re more than happy to make a contribution towards the next member of his budgie brood.”

So far only four other celebs have cashed their cheques — singer Michael Ball, actresses Kathy Staff and Wendy Richard and actor Danny Dyer.

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