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Another RSL fails to log

Ofcom has released details of another complaint against a temporary FM radio station which, in turn, highlighted the lack of logging at the station. Hilltown FM in Dundee attracted four complaints about swearing during daytime and evening programmes.

Ofcom could not hear the remarks in question and therefore could not investigate the complaint. The regulator then found the Restricted Service Licence station in breach of condition 8 of its licence, and will hold it on record, should any further problems recur.

Belfast-based Féile FM [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.1108]also[/link] had complaints against it for swearing around a year ago, but failed to provide a recording of the output.

RSL stations, as with full time broadcasters, are required to record and retain a copy of their output for 42 days.

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