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BBC cuts staff bonuses

Following a payout of £20 million last year, the BBC has cut the bonuses by eight million for staff this year. The move is in a bid to regain public confidence in the broadcaster. Figures obtained by the freedom of information act revealed that both the number and amounts of bonuses are down.

The biggest bonus paid last year, according to a report in the Telegraph, was enough for a small house at £100,739. This year the largest was £30,015.

But although the average payout was £1,400, down from last year's £1,800, eleven members of staff received a bonus large enough to buy them a 330 BMW Coupe at over £20,000.

The BBC declined to tell the newspaper which members of staff, below executive board level, were in receipt of bonuses, stating that do so would be in breach of the Data Protection Act.

"Staff do not expect details of their remuneration and bonuses to be disclosed, and to do so would unfair. The BBC operates a salary management policy which is designed to offer a competitive remuneration package and reward people on the basis of their personal performance," the spokesman said.

"All staff are entitled to be considered for a bonus of up to 10 per cent of their annual salary for outstanding and exceptional performance."

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