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BRMB jock moves to RAM

BRMB overnight presenter and breakfast producer J is moving within the GCap Media group to join RAM FM. He will take over the mid morning show from Monday in Derby, after a five year stint at the Birmingham station.

J is sad to leave BRMB but is looking forward to his new challenge: "It has been the best job ever, and over my time here, I've got to do some great stuff. Not only to have my own show for 3 years, but I've had the pleasure of producing the Big Brum Breakfast off and on for a year, which was great fun. I also got to work with my best mate Caroline on The Sanctuary a year or two ago – again, a brilliant time.

"Plus there's all the great events I've done: all the Party In The Parks, and Walkathons, and countless summer roadshows which have been great fun for me to host. Basically I feel dead proud to have been able to work here – it was what I always wanted to do, and not may get to live out their dreams," J wrote on his [link=http://www.brmb.co.uk/Article.asp?id=367059&spid=13219]blog[/link].

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