RTI attracts Horwich Sewing

Slovak-based multi-language station Radio Tatras International has secured a deal with British manufacturer Horwich Sewing. The recruitment campaign for the sewing company aims to find staff for its new manufacturing plant in Poprad, Slovakia.

Albert Condliffe, Horwich Sewing, said, “We primarily chose RTI because they have a fantastic audience. Equally, due to the fact that RTI is an international service, English and Slovak, it was also very easy for us to agree the creative direction of the spots and leave RTI to translate that in Slovak for us.

“As RTI broadcasts in both Slovakia and the UK we are also hopeful that those awaiting an opportunity to return to Poprad will hear our commercial and contact us. We would certainly add that when other UK companies start or increase there employment in Slovakia the first place they should visit is RTI — there level of help and support is a shining example to all radio stations”.

Eric Wiltsher, Director RTI, added, “We would like to thank Horwich Sewing for their continued support of Slovakia and RTI. This contract explains perfectly why in an area such as Poprad there is a need for an English/Slovak station offering services to companies from countries in both languages.

“We now look forward to a number of other UK based companies commencing their investment in Slovakia via RTI ”.

The new Job Spot created for Horwich will air in both English and Slovak shows, however the commercial will be aired in Slovak.

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