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Stations beware of radio conman

A conman in the Worthing area is claiming to offer cash prizes from Splash FM. The unknown man is ringing locals and letting them win an easy competition supposedly live on-air, then asking for bank account details so the winning money can be transferred.

One attempted scam took place on August 18th when a woman received a phone call but informed the police crime prevention unit. They then contacted Splash FM who confirmed they did not make the phone call or carry out such a competition.

Paul Atkey, sales director of Splash FM told the Worthing Herald:“We never do any promotions like that, where we phone people. All of our promotions are on-air, where people phone in, text, email or write.

“We never get involved in cold-calling the public. It’s not something we would do.”

Police believe other people in the area may also have been targeted — although there have been no reports of anyone falling for it.

Reports of this type of incident are on the increase, and there is very little any radio station can do about it, except maybe mention to listeners that the radio station would never cold call them or ask for their bank details.

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