247 promotion for Virgin

Virgin Radio is to run a 24 hours a day, seven days per week for the Yellow Pages directory enquires service 118 247. The non-stop competition will offer prizes to listeners every hour of every day for a whole week, ending on November 5th.

The competition will be promoted via a combination of top and tail bumpers and live reads following the hourly news. The live reads and prizes have been clearly tailored to fit the mindsets of 118 24 7 callers, who tend to require numbers for different businesses and services at specific times of the day, for example taxis on a Monday morning and pizza delivery on a Friday night.

John Hayward, head of marketing communications at Yell, publisher of Yellow Pages, said: “This innovative campaign tailored exactly to our needs will demonstrate the 24/7 offering perfectly; showing how our great UK based call centres can find all the businesses consumers could need at different times of day.”

Kirsty Donoghue, head of promotions at Virgin Radio, said: “This promotion, being 24/7, is an industry first and yet another example of the constant stream of creative promotions being produced by the station in conjunction with its partners. We are, once again, taking advantage of the fantastic synergy between on-air and online and Virgin Radio remains the pioneer of the radio industry with such integrated campaigns.”

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