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More quizzes for UTV Radio

Local radio stations in the UK owned by UTV Radio have joined forces with Million 2-1 to launch a nationwide SMS game-show. The live show offers listeners to each radio station the opportunity to win the £1,000 daily jackpot each Saturday and Sunday evening.

This is the first of Million-2-1’s new game formats to launch under the recent Gambling Act. Under the terms of the Act, there are strict guidelines on what constitutes games of skill and games of chance, the latter requiring a UK lottery licence.

John Dash, UTV ILR programme director said: “Creating a quiz show using mobile and SMS as the interactive response element works fantastically well because it harnesses the convenience of mobile and marries it to the ubiquity of radio. Million 2-1 implicitly understands this dynamic and has provided UTV with a great opportunity to reach out to our listeners, provide them with a positive interactive experience whilst at the same time delivering premium rate profits.”

Scott Davies, director, Million 2-1 said: “The Gambling Act is very clear on how it defines games of skill and games of chance and moving forward, this will change the ways in which gaming formats are created and executed. Savvy media companies like UTV increasingly see the value in partnering with service providers that can take a total approach to interaction, quizzes and games so that all their creative, technology and compliance needs can be dealt with by one single agency.”

Million 2-1 recently launched its seven point guide to the Gambling Act, offering media companies, service providers and brands practical information on how the Act affects the premium rate service industry and gives pointers on how to develop new, more profitable, game and quiz formats that have compliance at the core.

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