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Original 106 breaks Format

Just days after celebrating its first birthday, CanWest Media's first UK radio station has been warned by Ofcom for not sticking to its Format. A spot sampling report followed complaints to the regulator, and a Yellow Card has been issued.

Ofcom found the station guilty of exceeding the percentage of Top 20 hit singles that its Format permits it to play, particularly during daytime hours. The station is licenced as an adult alternative album led service, with "songs that are, or have been, in the Top 20 Chart to account for no more than 35% of the station’s output"

Ofcom concluded from their three day monitoring of the Solent station that an unacceptably high number of the music tracks being aired by Original were mainstream pop records that do not sit happily with the station’s “Adult Alternative” remit, and therefore found the station out-of-Format.

The Yellow Card will be lifted once Ofcom are happy the station is playing the music described within its Format.


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