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Pure ONE reaches landmark

The Pure ONE digital radio has become to fastest selling DAB portable radio, selling more than a quarter of a million units in the first 18 months. The plastic ONE, which has FM as well as digital, was one of the first sets available for under fifty pounds.

Ian Dickens, chief executive of the Digital Radio Development Bureau says: “PURE Digital was the first company to bring affordable, high quality DAB products to market and, in a short period, has become a trusted consumer electronics brand. We congratulate them on achieving sales of a quarter-million with the ONE — a milestone for both PURE and DAB digital radio.”

ONE also includes FM with RDS, kitchen and sleep timers, USB upgradeability, a custom display with status icons, mute control and 20 combined DAB and FM presets.

*Fastest selling in terms of units sold to date (Aug 07) in period since launch (Source: GFK) **ONE is the best selling portable radio in both volume and value over the period May 06-Aug 07 (Source: GFK)

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