Radio Aire jock is top banana

The true power of radio was released in Leeds yesterday after a two year old was reunited with her teddy, after her mother appeared on-air begging for help. Sarah Macfarlane from Pudsey was looking for a similar teddy for her daughter Eve but ended up finding the original bear.

Breakfast host Simon Logan explained to listeners that Sarah had bought the bear from Asda and asked if anyone had a similar bear describing it as "eleven inches tall, wearing a pink and white chequed dress, with Milly embroidered on her foot and a pink and white flower in her ear." Sarah had already tried Ebay and contacted Asda to find that the Milly bear had been discontinued.

Moments after making the plea the radio station was inundated with local people trying to help – then unbelievably a stall owner from Leeds Kirkgate Market rang to say he had found the missing bear. Greengrocer Steve Atack explained "I found the bear lying on the floor by my stall earlier this week – and it's been hung up with the bananas ever since!"

Simon Logan from 96.3 Radio Aire said "We hoped somebody somewhere in Leeds would be able to help cheer up little Eve but it's astounding that from our description a greengrocer from the market has found the original Milly! Especially as mum Sarah had no idea where she'd lost the teddy, what a nice story!"

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