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Radio listening down for Q3

The latest listening figures for UK radio reveal a slight decrease from three months ago, with 760,000 people now finding their audio entertainment elsewhere. The number of adult listeners now stands at 44.9 million each week, with 15 per cent listening digitally.

In addition, listening via mobile phones and podcasts show a steady growth.

Radio listening via platform (analogue and digital), announced for the second time since the introduction of new methodology in January 2007, reveals 15% of all radio listening is now via a digital platform, up from 12.8% in Q2, 2007.

In the last 12 months, almost an extra million people are downloading audio to listen again. The podcasting figure now stands at 2.8 million, from 1.98 in Q3 2006.

RadioToday.co.uk graphs will be online around 8am, with news from the groups continuing all morning.

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