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UBC service clicks into place

UBC Media Group has completed the last piece of its jigsaw ahead of the launch of new digital download service CLIQ. The company has signed Sony BMG Music, the only remaining record company that had yet to sign up to the service.

he agreement between Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK and CLIQ will enable customers to buy music from Sony BMG UK’s large catalogue when they hear it on the radio. Sony BMG UK has a diverse portfolio of artists from Elvis and Beyonce to The Hoosiers, Bruce Springsteen and Leona Lewis.

This Sony BMG UK licence means that all four major record labels and several independent labels are on now board for the official launch of CLIQ on December 3rd.

Simon Cole, CEO of UBC Commented: “Signing Sony BMG is great news — we can now add their catalogue to our system alongside all the other majors. Sony BMG have some of the world’s best acts which will sell very well on the CLIQ service across all our radio stations.”

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