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20 licences to be advertised

Up to 20 analogue commercial radio licences are set to be re-advertised by Ofcom during 2008. The extended licences will secure the mainstream use of FM for local radio until at least the end of 2015 – a date which could coincide with a possible analogue switch-off.

As each stations original licence expires, the successful bidder will be granted a new licence for a five-year period or with an expiry date of 31 December 2015 – whichever constitutes a longer period.

Stations ranging from the Western Isles to Wigan, and Liverpool to London will be affected. The first station licence to be re-advertised will be Radio Jackie in Kingston-upon-Thames in January, with pre-advertisement taking place next month.

Licence 'pre-advertisement' involves Ofcom inviting declarations of intent to apply for the licence. A declaration of intent must be accompanied by a cash deposit. If no declaration of intent is received from anyone except the existing licensee, Ofcom can proceed with a 'fast track' re-licensing of the existing licensee. If more than one declaration of intent is received, the licence will be re-advertised.

Grab the full document regarding re-advertisement as a PDF [link=http://www.ofcom.org.uk/radio/ifi/rbl/car/readvertisement/notes/notes_guidance.pdf]here[/link].

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