Comic-book launch for Xfm

GCap Media is planning a high-profile superhero comic book-style campaign to launch Xfm in South Wales. The station launches on Thursday 29th November and has started test transmissions this week on 106.8 and 107.3 FM.

The outdoor Superhero campaign launches on Friday 16th with a series of 48 and 4-sheets in key locations throughout the region, and bus backs and sides.

The roster of the DJs includes Pritchard and Dainton from Dirty Sanchez, Goldie Lookin Chain’s Rhys and Eggsy and former drummer from the Stereophonics Stuart Cable, and the campaign transforms each DJ into a cartoon superhero, illustrated in a retro comic style and collectively forming a ‘superhero super group’.

Closer to launch, the station’s presenters and staff will be hosting their very own Super Hero tour where they’ll be exploring their new transmission area dressed as Superheroes. The agency behind the campaign is Cardiff-based brand communications agency Stills who were appointed specifically for the task of developing an outdoor creative campaign for the launch of XFM across South Wales.

Xfm South Wales’ Marketing Manager Lisa Fairclough said ‘"We are thrilled with the Superhero concept; it promotes the idea that Xfm is no ordinary radio station. The strong visuals reflect the big personalities that we will have on-air and demonstrate the impact that Xfm South Wales will have in the local marketplace."

Click [link=]here[/link] for all the artwork.

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