Emma Clarke – the truth

We've all talked to eager journalists desperate for a juicy story, which ends up misquoted and blown out of all proportion. Monday’s media frenzy about the London Underground voice-over Emma Clarke was just one of those times. Let us explain a little bit more.

Emma’s rather nice website [link=http://www.emmaclarke.com][/link] was a little old so was in need of a revamp. Part of the ‘fun’ area (a section which was also part of the old site) now contains some spoof London Underground phrases which most of us find funny. Then a journalist from The Mail on Sunday was eager to do a story about the spoofs — and one thing led to another.

Emma told the Guardian in a blog commissioned by CommentIsFree.com: “The journalist reported my words…just not in the right order, or in the right context.”

Emma, the voice of many radio groups around the world including, past and present, Emap, GCap and GMG stations, actually said: “the thought of being in a tube carriage, hearing nothing but my voice would be a dreadful experience for me, sitting with strangers who were all wishing I’d shut up and give them some peace”. The paper reported that Emma thought tube trains were “dreadful” and that she avoided them “at all costs.” It also alleged her experience of the tube was practically trauma-inducing.

The media tsunami ranged from international websites to regional radio and national television. Even stations which use her as a station voice-over were playing her spoofs. Classic.

So the truth is Emma has not been sacked — in fact she has not even heard from London Underground. Once all is explained I’m sure she will be back behind the microphone voicing more tube changes. As far as the radio industry is concerned, today has been Emma Clarke Day, we hope you enjoyed it.

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