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Goodier extends to Smooth NE

Mark Goodier's networked mid-morning show will be part of the launch schedule at Smooth Radio in the north east when the station launches on January 8th 2008. Also joining the weekday line-up will be Tom Davis, Paul Wappat, Dave Johnson and Steve Wells.

Tom Davis will present breakfast, having previously hosted the same shift at TFM. Tom has also worked at Century and more recently BBC Radio Newcastle. Paul Wappat makes the move with Tom from the BBC to host drivetime.

Dave Johnson, currently Signal Radio’s head of presentation will be taking on the same role at Smooth as well as presenting the afternoon show between 1 and 4pm. Based at the Stoke station for 20 years, Dave will be working alongside programme director Kevin Howard who has also recently moved from Signal to the north east.

Evenings on Smooth will be looked after by Steve Wells who is currently working as a postman in Sunderland. He left radio twelve months ago and moved to the city with his wife where he took up his postie position as a way to keep fit after an extended stay in hospital.

The regional licence for the north east was won by SAGA in April 2006 but was sold to GMG Radio in December. The original winning application stipulated no more than seven hours per week would originate from outside the area, so Mark Goodier's network show will be mostly created for north east listeners. The station will join the Smooth brand of stations already broadcasting in London, north west England, Glasgow, and the East and West Midlands.

The weekday schedule will look like this:

6-10am Tom Davies
10am-1pm Mark Goodier
1-4pm Dave Johnson
4-8pm Paul Wappat
8pm-12am Steve Wells

Weekend programmes will be announced shortly.

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