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Pre-fade problems at TFM Radio

On the same day the station won European Station of the Year, there were red faces all round at TFM Radio in Teesside. While programme controller Chris Rick was in Barcelona to accept the accolade during the inaugural European Radio Awards, breakfast show presenter Graham Mack was turning the airwaves blue when a live caller mistakenly went to air during a song.

Mack is heard to slag off rivals Century FM to the caller, describing the station as “shitty”. Century FM were sponsoring Stockton Borough Council’s Fireworks event, which was hosted by Scott Makin and Ben Weston and attracted over 60,000 people.

Century FM are commercial market leaders in TFM Radio’s TSA.

Registered users can, of course, hear the audio by clicking [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/request.php?48]here[/link].

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