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Ratings rise for Irish stations

Commercial Radio in Ireland is now listened to by 2.258 million listeners every day, according to the latest JNLR stats released yesterday. Figures show that independent radio now has a combined market share of daily daytime listenership of 63.8 per cent.

The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) were celebrating the news as the combined figures for the independent sector are now almost twice that of RTÉ’s figures, whose market share of daily listenership is at 36.2 per cent.

Commenting on the figures, David Tighe, Chairman of IBI said: "We are delighted with these results which show evidence of a fight back from the independent sector following the figures published in August. The consistently strong performance of our members in these listenership surveys shows that independent commercial radio has really embedded itself as part of the lives of the Irish public. This adds further credence to the words of Minister Eamon Ryan when he addressed our members recently that independent radio has proven to be extremely popular, giving listeners around the country significantly increased choice and this is all provided without any cost to the listener!

The results also show how far we have come in under 20 years and our members continue to prove that there is further potential for growth in our market share. The figures underline the strength of radio as a medium in Ireland and prove beyond doubt that independent radio stations are delivering the content that their audiences want."

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