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Salford is our Silicon Valley

BBC Radio Five Live controller Bob Shennan has made favorable comparisons between the upcoming mediacity:uk in Salford and Silicon Valley. He said the BBC is looking forward to welcoming many more media related tenants to the area.

Speaking at an informal discussion today in Salford Quays, the Five Live controller joined an eight-strong panel talking about the future of mediacity:uk.

The BBC is moving five departments to the area in 2011, including Five Live. "It is crucial for the BBC to be less London, or even Salford centric in years to come," he said. "We can't afford not to be based at media city because of the type of media, and media related companies which will move to the site in the future."

Brian Greasley, who has just been appointed as managing director of mediacity:uk was also on the panel and agrees with Bob: "This will be a destination surrounded by media – it is going to be one cool place to work, live and visit".

On his [link=http://salfordquays.org/news.php?extend.23]new appointment[/link], Brian said: “I am delighted to lead mediacity:uk, it will fundamentally transform our definition of media. Through a combination of world class tenants and the most advanced technology solutions, mediacity:uk will come to represent the embodiment of what the industry currently calls convergence.”

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