Stations compete for kids

We’re used to stations competing to be number 1 in the market but there’ll be a different kind of rivalry at five Scottish stations for the next four weeks and local youngsters in need will benefit.

Radio Forth, Tay, Moray Firth, South West Sound and Northsound have teamed up with TESCO to launch the ‘every penny counts’ fundraiser. Listeners will be asked to raise money in any way they can.

Dawn Gibson, Marketing and Communications Director for Emap Radio Charities, said: "Our presenters have really thrown their weight behind this campaign. The main aim here is for us to raise as much money as possible for sick and underprivileged children in each local area. It is important to note that all money raised locally will stay locally. A little bit of rivalry between the stations to see who can raise the most money will only benefit the charities at the end of the day!"

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