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Stick a DAB in your car

Great news for in-car digital listening – Pure Digital have come up with an easy way to listen to DAB in the car. In a similar way to how a satellite navigation sticks to your windscreen, you can now do the same with the Pure Highway, transmitting the digital channels onto your FM radio.

Re-transmitting digital programmes to your FM radio is not the way digital programmes are meant to be heard, but the point of the latest Pure set is to extend the range of stations and programmes found on digital to a new, mobile audience.

Pure are hoping this latest receiver will be the start of major in-car listening. It is powered from the in-car power socket or via batteries.

Highway features ReVuâ„¢ to pause and skip back through live DAB radio, quickSCAN to find free FM transmission frequencies, a USB and headphones slot and the option to connect to your car stereo’s auxiliary connector (if available).

And the price? Less than [link=http://www.pure-digital.com/Products/Product.asp?Product=VL-60905&PageType=Intro]£70[/link].

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