The biggest helps the smallest

GCap Media has agreed for community radio station Radio Scilly to broadcast their business, lifestyle and entertainment podcast content. The audio, produced by Creation will compliment local audio produced by volunteers.

The arrangement will help the newly launched radio station to extend that the quality of its speech dominated morning and afternoon sequences. Radio Scilly serves 1600 adults on the islands almost 30 miles off Cornwall with a full-time paid staff of just two people.

John Hirst, Head Of Creation said:"our podcasts have been a success and it is nice that we are extending our pioneering work to a community that clearly appreciates quality speech but, without traffic jams or train journeys, may be less likely to download our podcasts to dispel the boredom of journeys."

Keri Jones, Managing Director of Radio Scilly said: "I'm delighted that GCap Media is helping our little station add well-researched, high value material to our significant local speech programming. Our community may be geographically isolated but our listeners are discerning, intelligent and well-traveled. Our new relationship with GCap Media will give our station access to quality, intelligent programming supplied by some of the most creative people in UK commercial radio and that's good news for the isles."

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