A Real Xmas with Gordon Ramsay

Super chef Gordon Ramsay is joining Real Radio Scotland's Cat Harvey on Boxing day for a special one hour programme.

During the show, he says he has a strict rule that his children get only one present each for Christmas; any over that are not even opened, they are simply passed to charity.

He said; “Every year it gets harder because we only give the kids one present each. Anything else that comes in by way of extra presents from friends, family and customers goes straight to the refuge.”

This is the refuge Gordon’s Mother runs for single parents and battered mothers. He continued that “the presents aren’t even opened by my kids, they just go straight to nanny’ refuge.”

When asked what was on his wish list, the ex-Rangers star said “I’m quite easy to please. I’ve got a full sized football goal in my back garden and after Sunday lunch we ‘bend it like Beckham round the posts. What I’ve requested this time is some flood lights.”

The Gordon Ramsay special will broadcast on 100 — 101fm Real Radio on Boxing Day from 18:00 – 19:00.

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