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Ofcom to seek public opinion

Ofcom is to hold a series of meetings across the country next year, allowing the public to comment on their plans for media in the UK. A panel of staff from Ofcom will answer questions on all aspects of their remit, including the future of radio and digital switchover.

While topics expected to be covered include convergence, public service broadcasting, complaints and programme standards, the regulatory body is also keen to hear views on the evolution of UK radio, including regulation of analogue stations and what opportunities exist for digital platforms.

Another controversial topic expected to be raised is the switchover from analogue transmitters to digital multiplexes. GCap's outgoing chief executive Ralph Bernard has recently criticised Ofcom for failing to set a date for digital switchover, believing the industry could not move forward until such a date was announced.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the regulation of the communications industries to discuss Ofcom's approach to television, radio, telecoms and wireless communications services. Each meeting will begin with a brief presentation, after which there will be an opportunity to comment and ask questions.

All meetings, which will include a panel of Ofcom experts, are open and free of charge. Full details of where the events will be held and registration forms can be found [link=http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/draftannplan0809/invite]here[/link].

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