Radio networking ideas wanted

RadioCentre is looking for help from member stations and independent production companies to generate new and innovative ideas for national network event programming. The industry body wants to create a schedule of landmark programming for commercial radio.

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre wants to build on previous industry initiatives such as UK Music Week and UK Radio Aid: “These big events enable us to deliver the kind of programming for our listeners that no individual group or network could achieve on their own. The beauty of the industry pulling together for special events means that individual stations and groups can deliver content together which will have more scale than they would be able to achieve working alone — the exclusive Stereophonics gig that was broadcast live across the CHR network for UK Music Week is the perfect example”.

The search is being co-ordinated by ex-Heart programming boss Francis Currie.

Simultaneously, the Radio Advertising Bureau (the customer facing arm of RadioCentre) has also invited media agencies to put forward clients who would like to get actively involved in shaping a major cross network event in 2008.

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