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Rhydian’s uncle likes Leon

The uncle of X-Factor runner-up Rhydian Roberts has told radio stations in south and west Wales to lift their ban on Leon Jackson’s winning single, whilst wishing him all the best with his future career.

Radio stations owned by Town and Country Broadcasting banned Leon Jackson’s “When You Believe” on Monday after listeners compained they could not get through to the voting line to show their support for Rhydian.

Nigel Roberts told listeners “I can guarantee Rhydian is happy so please play the song, Leon’s a young guy starting out in his career, and the family want to wish him all the best.”

Programme manager, Gareth Davies told us: "We started our ban in support of Rhydian following comments from our listeners about jammed phone X Factor voting lines which we understand OFCOM is now investigating. If Leon’s song is OK with Rhydian — it’s OK with us, and we wish Leon all the best for the Number one slot in Hit 40 UK on Sunday."

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