The future of radio is Blik

In the future, it won't matter how radio signals arrive to a consumer. In the future, one box will receive everything we want no matter where it is coming from. Internet, digital, analogue, podcast, satellite will all scroll together via one button. And now, the new Revo Blik is making at least some of that, a reality.

The Revo BLIK RadioStation offers DAB, DAB+ (for when Ofcom finally gives in), FM (with RDS), Wi-Fi, iPod docking station and the ability to stream your own music from your computer.

[blockquote]BLIK RadioStation leads a new generation of multi-format digital radio devices, capable of providing reception of DAB and DAB+ digital radio, internet radio and conventional FM broadcasts.[/blockquote]
It is available in black or white and includes presets, remote control, alarm clocks, headphone socket and scrolling text. And the real clever thing is this baby is DAB+ ready. Half the world already have DAB+ as standard so even if the UK never adopts the AAC+ format, at least you can take it on holiday with you. Interestingly, it is first commercially available radio that provides plug-and-play reception of both existing DAB and new DAB+ broadcasts

David Baxter, managing director of Revo Technologies is more than happy with the product:: "We are delighted to be able to deliver the world's first DAB+ receiver, in the form of BLIK RadioStation. This is a vital product for the digital radio industry, allowing broadcasters around the world to go live with next-generation DAB+ transmissions and test broadcasts."

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