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UTV offers Porsche as prize

National AM station talkSPORT and 14 local radio stations owned by UTV Radio are set to give away a Porsche car in their latest Lowest Unique Bid auction. The 12 Days of Christmas promotion starts on Friday, with one listener winning the car a week later.

The How Low competition is using Million-2-1’s reverse auction SMS lottery mechanic. The last time the company offered a prestige car as a reverse auction prize was an Aston Martin in December 06 – the winner successfully entering a lowest unique bid of £106.75, with the promotion attracting more than 500,000 bids.

Scott Davies, director and co-founder at Million-2-1 said: “Radio is a great fit for premium rate competitions and quizzes. It is a highly personal medium that lends itself to audience interactivity. Savvy commercial broadcasters understand the value of this interactive relationship both in terms of deepening a listeners ‘radio experience’ and bringing a valuable revenue stream alive.

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