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Xmas brings in more listeners

The Highways Agency is expecting more listeners to its digital service Traffic Radio after an estimated one million DAB digital radios were sold across the country over the Christmas period.

Steve Crosthwaite, Head of the Highways Agency's National Traffic Control Centre said: "The increase in digital radio sales over Christmas means that more people have access to helpful information when and where they want it, allowing them to make informed choices about their journey. The information on Traffic Radio will help them decide whether to take a different route or leave at a different time.

The service is produced for the Highways Agency by [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.2794]recently-sold[/link] Trafficlink, who compile information from the Agency's 3,750 road sensors and 1,000 traffic cameras, as well as reports from Traffic Officers, Highways Agency's seven regional control centres, the police, local highways authorities, leisure and entertainment venues, weather stations and Met Office weather forecasts.

The service is available on DAB digital radio to an area covering potentially 80 per cent of the population of England. The service will become more widely available over the next two years as more space on regional multiplex transmitters becomes available.

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