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Andy Kershaw jailed

Presenter Andy Kershaw has been jailed for three months for breaking a restraining order involving his former partner. Passing sentence, High Bailiff Michael Moyle told the former Radio 1 and Radio 3 presenter he seemed "hell-bent" on destroying himself.

Rochdale-born Kershaw and former partner Juliette Banner have two children, a ten-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter.

Banner had described the DJ as "menacing and provocative" when he approached her and her new partner in November.

At an earlier hearing, the court heard how Kershaw was "hyper" as he walked up to Miss Banner and Mr Imrie. Kershaw also admitted sending text messages "of an abusing nature" aimed at the couple to his children.

Passing sentence, High Bailiff Michael Moyle said Kershaw's life was turning into a "Greek tragedy".

"You seem hell-bent on destroying yourself and you do not seem to appreciate that the author of your destruction is yourself."

He concluded: "I regret that I feel I have no obligation other than to impose custody."

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