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Emap raises £1.5m for the kids

Thousands of underprivileged children across the UK have benefited from Christmas fund-raising campaigns run by Emap radio stations across the UK. Over £1.5 million was raised across the country making the season truly festive for youngsters who have suffered hardship.

Big-hearted listeners donated cash and toys to 14 radio station appeals from as far apart as Sheffield in England to Inverness in the highlands of Scotland.

Toys valued at over £500,000 were collected in England and distributed to over 10,000 youngsters across the country that could otherwise have faced a bleak holiday season.

In Scotland, a nationwide appeal was launched with Radios Clyde, Forth, Tay, Moray Firth, Northsound, and South West Sound, teaming up to raise funds for their local, community based charities. In excess of a massive £1.5 million was donated throughout the campaign to help local sick and underprivileged children across the regions.

Dawn Gibson, Marketing and Communications Director for Emap Radio Charities, said:

“We are absolutely delighted with how much we have managed to raise across both countries and the amount of youngsters who were able to enjoy a better Christmas thanks to the generosity of people and the enthusiasm of our presenters who totally got behind our campaigns.

“Some of these individual charities like the Radio Clyde Cash for kids Appeal or TFM Radio’s, Make a Child Smile Charity, have been fundraising for over 20 years and really have become part of the sprit of Christmas in those areas. One of the main aims for the campaigns is for us to raise as much money as possible for sick and underprivileged children in each local area. It is important to note that all money raised locally stays locally.

“But when you actually look across the country as a whole and see how much has been raised and what this means to the kids, you begin to understand the impact that you can have across the nation.”

Dawn continued:

“We work very closely with organisations such as social services to identify the families and children who are most in need of receiving gifts at Christmas and it really is heart-warming to see the difference something so small can make to their lives. We would like to thank each and every person who took the time to make a donation of a toy or cash no matter how big or small for helping make this campaign a real success.”

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