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Free radio ads for charities

Digital radio station Passion for the Planet is to give away free advertising campaigns to charities. All commerical campaigns booked up until the end of March will be matched in value by the station, which broadcasts across London on DAB.

Advertisers can then nominate the registered charity they wish to support or they can let Passion choose.

The first company to sign up was Golden Embroidery and their matched three month campaign has been donated to Bibic,supporting brain injured children.

“From the very beginning, when we launched in 2002, we wanted to make giving to charity a big part of our business, and we always envisaged that that would take the form of airtime as that can be such a valuable resource for a charity and hopefully enables them to raise both cash and awareness.” explained Passion’s managing director Chantal Cooke.

The advertising can be taken anytime up to 31st Dec 2008.

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