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Jeremy Beadle dies at 59

British broadcaster Jeremy Beadle has died at the age of 59. Although best known for his television work, Beadle spent many years working in the radio industry at Capital, LBC, BBC, and, for a short period, Talk Radio UK.

He been undergoing treatment for pneumonia in hospital near his north London recently, and had previously suffered a kidney tumour. His agent, Michael P. Cohen of MPC entertainment said: "Jeremy Beadle, MBE, has passed away after a short battle with pneumonia. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Sue, his two daughters, Cassie and Bonnie and his step children Leo and Claire. He will be greatly missed."

Jeremy started his radio career on BBC Radio 3 and later on Radio 4, followed by his own late night show on Radio 2 named Nightline. He then moved to LBC where he used to announce himself as Jeremy James Anthony Gibson-Beadlebum. A career in television beckoned then back to radio in 1995 for a short stint at Talk Radio UK.

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