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Losses for Emap in final figures

As Emap hand over to new owners Bauer, their final RAJAR figures paint a gloomy picture for the group outside London. The Big City portfolio of stations lost nearly a million hours, while the Magic AM network lost a further 750,000 hours.

While the likes of Metro Radio, Forth 1, Radio Aire and Radio City all increased their audience, TFM, Key, Rock, Hallam and Viking were amongst the stations to lose reach.

Meanwhile Glasgow's Clyde 1 has recorded the lowest ever audience reach and lowest ever total hours in the station's history.

Kerrang! 105.2 was not immune from the falling figures either, with the West Midlands rock station dropping in reach, average hours, market share and a losing over 300,000 in total hours

In London, while Magic 105.4 celebrates the highest reach in the commercial marketplace, Kiss 100 lost nearly 160,000 listeners, dropping from 1.59 million to 1.429 million although average time spent listening to the station increased.

However Kiss is now less than 90,000 listeners behind Capital and just 0.5% behind in terms of market share.

[i]Please note: Any figures compared year-on-year are subject to further investigation due to the introduction of a new survey by RAJAR from June '07.[/i]

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